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In-Flight andTerminal Advertising, Marketing and Product Placement / Sampling

The Zagoren Collective offers a complete division that focuses entirely on airport and airline advetising, sampling programs and product placement.  If you are interested in reaching the travel marketplace please contact us.

We are the only FAA Approved company authorized to place advertising on tray tables, overhead bins, bulkheads or even a full plane wrap.  


Our unique advertising placements generate reach and efficiency numbers that are quite impressive:

  • A minimum dwell time of over 40 minutes by customers strapped into their seats.  Literally.
  • A "likely to be seen" (LTS) of 100%
  • A  94% recall rate. 
  • Viewed by over 3,400,000 unique passengers per month/airline.
  • Internationally we reach of 350,000,000 passengers in 35 airlines. 
  • 25-54, HHI 100K


In-flight advertising is a highly effective form of out-of-home advertising which targets potential consumers traveling on commercial airliners. This includes commercials during in-flight entertainment programming, advertisements in in-flight magazines, ads on seatback tray tables and overhead storage bins, and sales pitches by flight attendants. In-flight advertising, also known as onboard advertising, offers the highest efficiency rate of any media, at the lowest cost of sale, and provides up to 2,000 times the impact of traditional media.

Further integration is can be achieved with the ability to incorporate product sampling and/or educational materials on designated flights. Flight attendants can make public address announcements, distribute product samples, and engage passengers onboard all or select flights.

Product Placement

The Zagoren Collective has strategic partnerships with both airlines and in-terminal vendors that allow us to place products and offer sampling throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East.   We also provide access to Duty Free placement.



Bulkhead Walls

Large, full-sized graphics on bulkhead walls are the first message passengers see when they enter the aircraft and the main image and message they see when facing forward in the cabin. Bulkhead wall graphics are prominently visible to passengers in business and first class cabins thereby providing a great targeting opportunity for more luxury, premium brands.
Bulkhead wall graphics are visible at all times during all phases of flight: boarding, departure, in-flight, landing and deplaning.

Overhead Bin Doors

Graphics on overhead bin doors create an appealing message that can be created in any style or configuration from the front to the back of the aircraft on each bin. Overhead bins, also known as storage lockers, are highly visible during the flight and make a large surface available for advertisers.
Overhead bin ads are visible at all times during select phases of flight: departure, in-flight and landing.

Tray Tables

Ads on seatback tray tables allow for a key message that grabs the passenger's attention for at least 40 minutes during each flight and at all times if the tray table is not being used. Airlines which use the custom-sized tray table graphics, allow an advertiser to place a advertisement directly in front of passengers for the duration of the flight on the bottom and/or top of the tray table.
Tray table ads are visible at most times during select phases of flight: boarding, departure, in-flight, landing, and deplaning.

Skyline Panels

With Skyline panel graphics, installed on sidewalls directly above passenger windows, advertisers can place wide images to be seen as a passenger looks to the left or right and along the length of the cabin. Skyline panel graphics can easily be designed to create a connected, seamless theme along the entire length of the cabin or divided into several separate adverts.
Skyline ads are visible at all times during all phases of flight: boarding, departure, in-flight, landing and deplaning.

Electronic Tickets

Electronic tickets include a prominent location for branding by an advertiser. Based on the airline, more than 80 percent of airline passengers print their e-ticket from their home or office before arriving at the airport. This e-ticket accompanies these passengers throughout their journey..
Electronic ticket ads are visible during all phases of flight: pre-flight, boarding, in-flight, landing, deplaning and post-flight.


Exterior graphics are the first message passengers see when they approach the aircraft, and it creates a bold visual impact for all airport passengers and personnel. Based on the airline, advertisers can purchase either spot location graphics in strategic locations on the outside of the aircraft or wraps which cover the entire fuselage.
Exterior ads are visible at all times during select phases of flight: pre-flight, boarding, deplaning and post-flight.

In-Flight Entertainment System

The in-flight entertainment (IFE) system provides a unique opportunity to highlight your brand during key moments onboard the aircraft. In-flight commercials are 30 seconds with sound and played to all passengers on all flights after takeoff and before the in-flight entertainment begins. Video may not be distributed in shorter segments than 30 seconds.
IFE system commercials are visible during select phases of flight: boarding and in-flight.

Lavatory Surfaces

Attractive graphics placed inside lavatories are the ideal advertising location for many cosmetic and personal care brands and an inexpensive campaign option for some companies. Full-color, waterproof graphics can be installed on an unobtrusive area of lavatory mirrors, lavatory walls, or the inside of the lavatory door.
Lavatory graphics are visible at select times during select phases of flight: boarding, in-flight, and deplaning.


Previous Advertisers
We have created in-flight advertising campaigns for top brands around the world.

American Express
American Express OPEN
The Coca-Cola Company
Ford Motor Co.
Motorola Mobility
Kraft Foods
Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts
Spirit World MasterCard
Suzlon Energy
TATA Manza
Anchor Bank
O2 Telefonica
Turner Broadcasting
Mother Nature Network
Erste Bank Hungary
Rituals Coffee
Fox Movies Channel
Max Department Stores
Universal Studios
Rosalie Bay Resort
Island of Bahamas
Hard Rock Cafe
Harrah's Resort
Caesar's Palace Casino Atlantic City
Island of Dominica
Las Vegas CVA
RAK Bank
Danube Buildmart
Starcom Caribbean Superstation

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