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Executive Team

The Zagoren Collective executive team is made up of professionals who have reached the highest levels in their fields.  This team oversees every project and manages hundreds of business development, advertising, marketing, and internet production associates around the world.

Currently, The Zagoren Collective has 64 Team Members in 12 Countries


Glenn Zagoren
CEO / Brand Fanatic

Mr. Zagoren started his first agency the day he got out of college and for the last 30 Years he has been at the helm of the company handling branding, advertising, events and marketing for clients that include The Principality of Monaco, Virgin Oceanic, Sony, The US Department of Commerce, Akvinta Vodka, Maxell, JBL, Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, The United Nations and many other high-end, image conscience organizations. 

His vision is one that states that even the smallest detail will have an effect on the perception of a brand.  As a result of his oversight of The Zagoren Collective he ensures that each division maintains and enhances the client's brand as well as striving to improve their reach and efficiency.  "A brand lives or dies on its perception. Perception is the reality. It is our job to deliver positive perception at every vision point thereby guaranteeing a solid ROI."

Having studied both Architecture and Design at Pratt it was only natural that Mr. Zagoren would excel in Real Estate marketing.  To date, The Zagoren Collective has handled the advertising and marketing of over $5 Billion of residential and commercial projects including the two largest residential developments in New York, the tallest building in Baltimore, the largest corporate parks in Connecticut and New Jersey and the some of the most expensive homes in the world.

Glenn also has a technical side that allowed him to be part of the team that introduced CD technology for Sony/Phillips.  The success of that launch is still self-evident today and garnered him the "Trendsetter of the Year" Award from Billboard Magazine.

As an Internet and business development advisor under the Clinton and Bush administration Mr. Zagoren participated in high level policy meetings with heads of state from around the world.  He often traveled on Air Force II to meet with President Arafat, King Abdullah, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, King Fahd, President Mubarak and many others.

In the end, Glenn always says that he is just one part of a much bigger concept, one that brings the highest quality professionals in business development, design, production, media & technology together to provide superior solutions for our clients. 

Glenn is married with two daughters and lives in Manhattan and went to Pratt Institute School of Architecture


Steve Tollen
Chief Strategist / Brand Development

Prior to joining The Zagoren Collective, Steven was the Chief Strategist at New York marketing firm Creative Priority/In the Box. Among his overall management duties, he was responsible for strategic planning and creative development for the agency’s new business initiative, which led to exponential growth. Earlier in his career he served as a Senior Vice President and Executive Producer at global advertising agencies Wells BDDP and Grey Advertising, New York, where he managed broadcast production for international clients Hertz, Proctor & Gamble, Heineken/Amstel. Sprint Business, Kraft Foods, Conagra, Brown & Williamson and others. He has also consulted for CNBC, DDB Moss Dragoti, McCann Erickson, TBWA/Chiat Day, J. Walter Thompson and Peppercom Communications.

Steven has also spent time in the media and entertainment industry as the Managing Director, Executive Producer of Gigantic Studios. Before arriving at Gigantic he managed the daily operations at Sound One, the largest film and television post-production facility in New York. By rebranding and revitalizing the company, Sound One returned to its former rank as the city’s premier facility.

Steven sits on the board of the Post New York Alliance, of which he is a founding member. His time is divided between the city and upstate New York where he is an active volunteer firefighter.


Matthew Lester
Creative Director  /  Commercial Director / The "I can be there yesterday" Guy

Prior to joining The Zagoren Collective, Matt Lester had been a Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director at McCann Erickson World Group, New York. Matt offers a unique combination of talent, versatility and experience. He has created campaigns for a very long list of national and international brands, done hundreds of commercials for almost every conceivable type of product and market and has lately been focused on game changing ideas that engage consumers on every level including digital, on-line, social media and experiential marketing.
The department store chain, Kohl’s was the victim of their own success when competitors copied their most innovative ideas. Matt changed all that by reinventing them as a legitimate fashion destination driving traffic to the store for accessible, aspirational style. Soon, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Dana Buchman and others flocked there as well making Kohl’s number one in it’s category last year and a winner on Wall Street during the through the tough recession.
If you’re wondering who made contemporary women feel they were still “Worth It” it was Matt’s revamping of the L’Oreal brand that made the statement relevant again. in the modern age of professional, empowered women with more discretionary income and more choices than ever, L’Oreal had record sales and consistent share gains the nearly four prosperous years Matt ran the business.
Matt was responsible for advertising the International and Latin American divisions of Gillette. Injecting a sense of style into everything from razors and shave prep to deodorants.
He’d kept the entire country in suspense bringing the wildly successful serial campaign for Taster's Choice to the U.S.  Introducing classic cinematic romance to the commercial arena, Matt helmed a campaign that is still talked about and has become mandatory study in advertising text-books, part of the collections at the Smithsonian and Museum of Television and Radio.
Matt is also responsible for developing and implementing numerous and diverse campaigns for Coca-Cola -- from the progressive, music video style Coke II spots to the dramatic, emotionally charged series for Coca-Cola Classic. One of the most  notable stories features a young, lonely, Polish boy who is adopted by an American couple. The only thing familiar to him in his new, foreign home is a universally friendly bottle of Coca-Cola.
Capitalizing on pressing issues of the baby-boomer generation, Matt created a series of Nescafe spots that poignantly portrayed the struggles, hopes and fears of being a single parent.
Another of Matt's memorable campaigns was the humorous series for Alka-Seltzer.
Literal metaphors were utilized to illustrate familiar stomach ailments, ending with the famous call;  "Alka-Seltzer to the Rescue." Again, an addition to the Smithsonian collection.
He has also used humor to sell Sprite to a young, international audience with real camels drinking Sprite in the scorching desert as they follow the universal command “Obey Your Thirst”.
Matt finds the emotional truth in any product benefit, from coffee creamers (Coffeemate) to Hong Kong airlines (Cathay Pacific) and translates this into meaningful, effective marketing and advertising.
Matt’s talents also include directing spots for a variety of clients such as
Master Card, Meineke, Ebel, Smith Barney and Martini & Rossi to name just a few.
Early work includes the memorable flying bubble kids for Bubblicious, Matt made Snickers "So Satisfying" and launched various campaigns for Three Musketeers and the Coor’s Brewing Co.
Prior to his agency experience, Matt designed, art directed and launched a national fashion magazine and worked on a large variety of package and set designs.
One of eight brothers and sisters born and raised in a small coal town in Pennsylvania, Matt has interests that range from cultural to counter-cultural, ordinary to extraordinary. A combination of practical business acumen and creative, emotionally engaging insights allows Matt to excel in one of the few arenas that combine art and science to grow market share of mind and wallet.

L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson, Kohl’s, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Gillette, Cathay Pacific, Meineke, Ebel, Smith Barney, Martini & Rossi, Coor’s, Master Card, Snickers, Three Musketeers, Bubblicous, Alke-Seltzer, Nestle, Nescafe, Taster’s Choice, Coffeemate, AT&T, Brooks Brothers, Tiffany, Chase Bank


Alex Martichuski
Business Development / Project Management / Air Transport Market

Over the past 20+ years, Alex has represented key firms in telecommunication systems and air transportation industry.  He is a specialist in cracking the code on the most challenging branding, sales, marketing and business program management issues. His experience in the world of air transportation allows him to have a clear view of what works and what doesn’t when garnering interest in a particular product or service. As part of our team Alex ensures insightful and innovative thinking and practical business solutions that put your products and services in front of key decision makers in the North American air transportation marketplace.


Michael Maxsenti
West Coast Advertising Sales Director

Mike brings over 40 years of highly successful marketing and sales experience in the southern California region. The keys to his success: he loves people and builds lasting relationships based upon mutual respect and trust.

Prior to The Collective, Mike started a monthly hotel in-room tourism magazine and built it into three Southern California editions, with audited distribution in 638 hotels and monthly circulation of 97,000 copies.

He knows media sales and has developed long-term relationships with major advertisers including Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain and signed up distribution with major hotel chains including Hilton, Marriott, Travelodge, Westin, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn, Sheraton, Embassy Suites and many more.


David Terrell
Creative Services  / Creative Director  / 
Tae Kwon Do Master

David has been creating award-winning graphic design for 40 years, his clients ranging from Fortune 500 to local businesses, major agencies to small studios. His work has lent intelligent, striking expression to audio, electronic, photographic and automotive products; to corporate image, real estate, medical and dental industries; to toys, food, cosmetics, sports products, shoes and clothing.

“American poet Vachel Lindsay said ‘a bad designer is a bad citizen’. American public space is overrun by bad commercial design. It takes well thought-out visual solutions to stop people, and there has to be a reward for their time invested.”

David is also an illustrator and fine artist. Completely at home on a computer, his underlying strength is his ability to see, draw and create. “Drawing isn’t about pencils vs. computers; it’s about the act of seeing and exercising visual intelligence. If you draw well, you create better.”

David is also a long-time camper, back-packer, fly fisherman, martial artist and teacher, holding 4 Black Belts and a Teaching Certificate in Japanese Sword. “The martial arts have taught me patience, decisiveness and strategy in everything.”

If you need to be seen better or step up to a higher level, David has the talent and experience to create successful solutions to help you stand out, open doors and get noticed.

Partial List of clients David has worked with: Russell Athletic, Alfa Romeo, Atrium Office Park, 6 St. Paul Centre, Adelphi University, The Casino de Monte Carlo, The South Street Seaport, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Chase Bank, JBL Speakers, Harman/Kardon, Maxell, NEC, Olympus.


Patti Wind
Sponsorship Mastermind

Patti leads the strategic relationship development team for key sponsor partners. Her goal is to achieve brand and commercial outcomes that surpass ROI expectations.  Patti works on all forms of sponsorship development programs...from sports and fashion to film production. 

Patti works with clients to maximize event packaging, pricing, sales and servicing strategies that result in tailored solutions.

Her projects have included work for Universal Studios, TriStar and  Columbia film studios and her sponsors based programs have supported Fortune 500 firms across the board.


Felipe Bascope
Los Angeles Office  / Creative Director            

Felipe is creative...say no more.  His work for agencies such as Chiat/Day Los Angeles, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and Tokyo as well as London, Ogilvy & Mather Los Angeles and New York, Razorfish,  GSD&M Austin, Texas, BBDO Atlanta, dGWB Irvine, Think New Ideas Los Angeles, Foote Cone and Belding Los Angeles, just to name a few, is recognizable and wildly successful. He’s been in advertising for 20 years, the last five at Saatchi&Saatchi Los Angeles.

Throughout his career Felipe has been behind some of the worlds top brands. Here’s just a taste of his client list: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Subaru, Daewoo, Qualcomm, Toshiba, FileNET, Clarion, Avia, Airwalk, Vans, Quiksilver, Ocean Pacific, the Surfrider Foundation, the American Red Cross, Kawasaki, South West Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Coors Light, Pebble beach, Kentucky Fried Chicken, El Pollo Loco, Del Taco, Texas Lottery, Shimano biking and fishing, Yamaha, Panasonic, Fox Studios, the California State Tourism Board, Spanish Tourism Board, and the Texas Tourism Board. Once again, just to name a few.

His television, print, radio, interactive, ambient and guerilla creative has been noticed by Cannes, One Show, Belding, Andy’s, Clios, DN&D, the London Festivals, the New York Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, the Addy’s and Creativity. Felipe  also teaches copywriting at the prestigious Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California.

He’s also fluent in Spanish, surfing, snowboarding, travel and eating. His favorite food is beer.

Mr. Bascobe is married with two one daughter and lives in Costa Mesa California.


Jonathan Ressler
Social Media  /  "The Mouth That Roared"

He is a social media maven, a guerilla and stealth marketing pioneer. Really smart corporate strategist. And self-proclaimed “big fat guy.”

Jonathan’s a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown and sold his own marketing firms, including Ressler Marketing Group and Big Fat.  He also owned nearly a dozen nightclubs in New York City (where he invented Human Bowling), provided sales and marketing training to top spirits companies, and served as a contributing writer to a wide variety of publications in that industry. He’s been an interview source for major national media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN and 60 Minutes.  Jonathan’s past work has included projects for clients that include Nestle, Mazda, Nintendo, the NFL, MTV, Comedy Central, the NBA and Anheuser-Busch.  His specialty is helping clients capitalize on the power of guerilla, stealth and entertainment marketing and social media (including blogging, Twitter and online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace).

And now, he’s the “The Mouth That Roared.” Seriously. That’s not an in-house nickname; it’s his new title. Only the company didn’t pick it for him and neither did he.

Instead, in true social media spirit, we gave power to the people. And boy, did they ever use it.

We set up an online title contest, encouraging anyone who was interested to submit title ideas and vote for a favorite. We harnessed the power of social media, using Twitter and Facebook to spread the word. We made a brief YouTube video and contacted bloggers. And for good measure, we threw in the promise of a $250 gift card to the participant who submitted the winning title.

The end result? Thousands  of submissions and tens of thousands of votes — from the ridiculous to the sublime. Among them: “Smartest Guy in the Room,” “Director of Everything Nobody Else Wants to Do,” and “For Three Easy Payments of $19.99.” (Then there was Jonathan’s personal favorite: “I’m Jonathan Ressler, I’ll Be Your Server Today.”) In the end, “The Mouth That Roared” narrowly beat out the second-place entry, “Company Mascot.”   Watch the video here.

So get to know The Mouth That Roared. Ask him what he’s been up to lately. We think you’ll find his story might just be the first part of a great chapter about him, The Zagoren Collective and you.


Mirana Comstock

Boston Office  /  Creative Services / Copywriting 

If there’s writing in it, chances are Mirana has done it. And won awards for her efforts. Raised by acclaimed artists, writers and musicians, she was trained in the “family business” at Juilliard, Music and Art and Lee Strasberg. As family lore has it, there was no wall space left by the time she came along, so she had to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, Konrad Bercovici, noted author of, among other things, Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator.” Now that she has her own walls, however, her photography has won international competitions, been featured in noted art and historical publications and she has exhibited at MoMA, Lincoln Center and Pfizer, as well as various galleries both here and abroad.

A true multi-field creative, Mirana also fronted indie rock bands on the New York club scene for many years, with her self-produced music videos on MTV, her tunes on rock radio and film soundtracks. She and her husband, musician Rick Comstock recently launched alt rock/dance band Theory of Tides to strong critical and fan response on their website theoryoftides.com and MySpace.com/theoryoftides.

Seeing the common denominator in all of her work as storytelling, Mirana has created award-winning ad campaigns for a wide range of accounts both in-house and at top agencies on Madison Avenue and in the Boston area. Her multi-field talents have enabled her to create consumer-resonant stories with a pitch-perfect voice for such brands as Timberland, Talbots, Coppertone, JBL, A&E, Heinz, Sharp, Seagram’s and Revlon. Words…music...photography. Mirana’s skill set brings a very special creative vision to The Zagoren Collective.

Mirana has worked on the following accounts:

Fashion: Timberland, Talbots, Casual Corner/Music and Consumer Electronics: JBL, Harman Kardon, Marshall, Korg, Sharp, Maxell/Liquor: Seagram’s Gin, Crown Royal, The Glenlivet, Schaefer Beer/ Beauty: Revlon, Jergens, Nature Scents, SC Direct/Entertainment: A&E, The Biography Channel, The History Channel, BBC, Boston Lyric Opera, Blockbuster/Travel: Air Canada/Food and Beverage: Tea Forté, Heinz, H-O Cereals, Folger’s Coffee, Welch’s/Home Furnishings: Pennsylvania House, Conran’s/Public Service: Greyhound Protection League, 9/11 Families, Camp Vacamas/Real Estate: ESG, The Developers Group, The Pinehills, Cushman & Wakefield/Financial: First American Bank


Sophia Chang
Event Producer 

Prior to joining the Zagoren Collective Miss Chang worked as a producer in a number of different industries and in a range of areas. She was affectionately called "The Glue" by director Jim Jarmusch and the title somehow stuck (excuse the pun). What Sophia most enjoys is producing events: overseeing every aspect, maintaining open communication between all parties. and bringing the event in on or under budget. Together to this place of expertise, she spent over 20 years in the music business. Her first job was working with Paul Simon during his legendary “Graceland” tour, doing tour reconciliation, as well as budgeting and artists relations for his New York Children’s Health Project benefit show at Madison Square Garden. She was a director of marketing at Atlantic Records and then went on to be a director of A&R at Jive Records. In 1992 Sophia left Jive to start an independent marketing company that consulted with Warner Brothers Records. In
1995 she became the General Manager of Razor Sharp Records, a joint venture with Epic Records as well as running the USA Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist Temple/Martial Arts
school. She also managed ODB, the RZA, Raphael Saadakvinta and other producers. She is co-producer and writer of a film project for HBO. Most recently, Sophia produced the last three fashion shows for designer Vivienne Tam at Bryant Park and Lincoln Center.


Philippa Cooper Holland
Broadcast and Media Services

Philippa Cooper Holland brings nearly two decades of award winning experience in broadcast.  The Zagoren Collective clients are now able to tap into her extensive domestic and international field, control room and newsroom experience.  Philippa can produce long term projects handling all of the logistics and broadcast service needs of a major announcement with a video news release, press conference and satellite tour as well as immediate deadline communications work.  Media training is also offered to prepare executives for network and print interviews as well as press conferences.  Whether it is producing a new video of your latest innovation or handling your breaking news needs, Philippa and the Zagoren Collective can help your company make headlines.

Philippa didn't want to post her awards but they are too cool not too....

Contributed to CNN’s 2008 Peabody Award for Presidential Primary coverage

2007 Bronze World Medal New York Festivals for “Lou Dobbs Tonight” State of the Union coverage for an On-Going Story

2007 Finalist New York Festivals “Lou Dobbs Tonight” coverage of “Exporting America”

Contributed to CNN’s 2005 Peabody Award for Hurricane Katrina Coverage

Contributed to CNN’s 2005 DuPont Award for Tsunami Disaster coverage

Contributed to CNN’s 2004 National Headliner Award for Capture of Saddam Hussein coverage

2003-2004 Business Emmy for “Exporting America” coverage for “Moneyline News



Virtually in All Major Markets
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